Nobody likes emergencies. Simply reacting after problems occur is no way to keep a network running, especially when patient care is at stake. We believe in solid network design, active monitoring, data protection, and preventive maintenance. Nobody else develops and deploys as much custom software to monitor and manage networks.


We specialize in Windows and Linux solutions. We design networks, custom build all computers to spec, provide ongoing maintenance, and offer 24/7 emergency response.

Our standard solutions include: Windows Small Business Server, Ubuntu Linux LTS Server, Trend Micro Enterprise antivirus, Cisco routers, AMD processors, Asus motherboards, Seagate enterprise-class drives, Dell servers, HP network printers, and Fujitsu scanners.


We have serviced dozens of offices in Anchorage and the Valley, and seek long-term relationships. Almost all of our clients have been with us for twelve to seventeen years. To ensure reliable service and high availability, we limit our client base and do not actively solicit additional business.

We may accept new referrals from existing clients if we feel that we have the availability to commit to them and their office is a good fit for the services we provide. For this reason, we do not include contact information on this site.


If you need service, please contact an owner or manager at your site. All service requests come to us through these designated contacts.

If you are a third-party provider working with one of our clients, please contact them first. They can provide you with a phone number or e-mail address for us. Mostly likely they will simply ask us to call you so we can coordinate site service with you.

If you are a office in need of network support, please understand that the only way we can provide the best level of support is to keep our client base limited. We encourage you locate a service provider with a similar approach to long-term support instead of one that maintains hundreds of customers and only shows up when things go wrong.